Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Dates....

Andy says I remember very 'Random Dates'
For example last year on this very day I found out I was pregnant
Random to most but very significant to me
The last time i got my nails done before today 5/17 /09
Why i remember to clearly?
The day i left that horrible place with David
Random to some Significant to me
Everyone has their random dates
Mine are dates that have changed my life

Crazy how I dont remember very many dates when it comes to kristofer
but I seem to remember every single moment with Mara


Anonymous said...

Seems like all the dates runt together when you're with someone all the time. Just yesterday we were talking about how hard it is to remember when Ashlynn was little, and wouldn't it be nice to go back and just watch her for a day.

mikestribe said...

Wow Kathy lives in the future, maybe that is the nest time she is getting her nails done 5/17/09, just in time to be late for bens birthday

Katarina said...

Daddy I was trying to look into the future lol