Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is there a worm in that box?

Lets step back a few weeks. Emilee & I were out shopping as a friendly reminder to Andy that I would love to be his wife, i picked up a few adds from the jewelry stores, by a few i mean every store in the mall... Later that night Andy and i went somewhere, i cleverly left the adds in the car on the seat for the next time he got in. He asked if id like him to put those in the recycle can for me... Hint taken.

Yesterday at the mall again, with Emilee of course, i pick up the same adds. Come strolling in, get andee kae situated and sit at the table circling all the rings i love. Doesnt even faze the man!

This morning started out hectic, woke up late, worked all day. Andy asked if i wanted to do something tonight.. Random i think. I even make a point to tell my sister that andys being extra nice today. We decide to go to Rach & Dustys for bbq, no need for me to make dinner. Em, Shaine, Paulie, Dusty, Rach, & Andee kae. Sitting in the back yard talking about I dont even remember what! Andy is holding the little honey, she of course is being banshee because its after 7, bed time. I tell Andy im ready to go home.

Andy reaches for his pocket, with this smirk on his face. The im up to something smirk. I ask who hes texting, because my first thought is hes texting some one about something that who knows what with him. ( thats always how the RC cars talk gets started) . He pulls this box out of his pocket, drops to one knee, my hands at this point are over my lips, i feel like i cant breath, and he asks me to be his wife. I just kept asking is this a trick!!!!!! I expected there to be a worm in the box because Andy would do that just to make me laugh, although I would not laugh.

I didnt know I could ever feel so happy as I am right now. My mouth wants to smile & I cant believe this is real. Tomorrow I will wake up still wondering if this is a trick. If he is going to take it back! We have talked wedding and are thinking next year, earlier on in the year. For sure want a destination wedding, nothing to crazy, just relaxing day with the love of my life, our children, & the people we love!

Thank you Andy for making me the happiest i have ever been. I cant wait to be your wife.

but lets please think about the hyphen for Pitstick' Gillespie.. xoxo

Sunday, May 22, 2011

So Many Unknowns

As the time for Vegas gets closer i am getting more nervous.
I am so excited for my friends Sarah and Bub to get married!
they are the CUTEST couple! 3 handsome boys and oh so adorable together.
its my visit with mara that has me anxious.
I know with josh and liz everything will be great,
i love them to death. We have this bond that very few understand.
Its comfortable. They ease my anxiety.
Im most worried about Mara,
Every time i see her its something new.
I wonder what, if anything at all Josh and Lizzy have told her about me.
I wonder in her little 2 year old mind does she know she grew in Katts belly?
Has she seen pictures of me and kind of understands that she is part of me?
Every time from this time on, she will be older, able to understand a little bit more..
and im nervous about it.
What if she doesnt like me. What if she doesnt want to know me.
This was all easier when she was little,
id rather just be Katt family friend who loves that girl more than words can explain.
Regardless of what she knows or doesnt know. im excited to see her gorgeous face,
meet her little sister, and hug josh and lizzy.
Emotionally im drained. my heart is heavy,
heres to a night of wondering just what miss mara knows.
Two weeks of anxiety but anxious to see them.
and knowing all my fears will be calmed once i see her and her perfect family!

14 days and counting... EEEEK!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

6. Your Day

Today has been very uneventful.
Just the way I like it.
I woke up, took a shower, put some laundry in, went to walgreens & petsmart, did some dishes, changed the laundry, & then it happened, the worst part of my day so far.
I held off on nursing Andee Kae this morning, because in 3 short weeks I will be in Vegas, & sadly she will be here with Dawn & my mom. At the current time a bottle is not something she considers. She makes this horrible sad face, one that screams out " your breaking my heart! why would you try & do this to me" Its time to stop the nursing. We had our first battle at 9:30. It lasted for 20 minutes, there were arms & legs flying everywhere, screaming & tears, & two broken hearts. At the end Andee finally gave in.
I put some more laundry in, ran to the grocery to get some lunch, now im sitting at Rachaels with dye & bleach in my hair, Rachael tried to battle Andee but Rachael lost. The bottle is still full & Andee is sleeping... in a few moments im going to wash this dye out & lay by the pool until I have to head over to my parents for Bens birthday/ Cristals graduation party!

Monday, May 9, 2011

5. My Defination of Love

Love. L.O.V.E. Love.
To me love is a warm cookie with soft vanilla ice cream on top.
Love is a nice cold dr.pepper first thing in the morning.

Ok Seriously L.O.V.E is many things.
To me love is showing passion in something.
Showing compassion to others.
Putting someone elses happiness before yours.

To me love is making dinner for my family.
making sure they wake up and have everything they need.
making sure they have full bellies before bed.

4. What I Ate Today..

This morning I started out with my healthy breakfast of Dr. Pepper.
I follwed that with a few pieces of Almond Roca.
Breakfast of Champions, I know.
Rachael finally decided it was time for lunch.
She kindly brought me some BBQ chips,
how sweet she is to not even give me a choice of the kind i ACTUALLY wanted.
I followed my chips with a turkey, provolone, & canadian bacon sandwhich.
Of which I actually ate the canadian bacon & provolone.
Finished my night off with spaghetti & garlic cheese bread.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Taking A Time Out..

Mothers Day...
This year as Mothers Day got closer I started to think of all the mothers i have to be thankful for this year.

First there is my very own Mother.
I wouldnt replace her for the world. There are so many things that make her the best.
She will give any thing she has to ker kids, and if she doesnt have what you need she will find a way to get it to you. She will stop what ever she is doing to help you, or just to listen, if thats what you need. My mom has been my rock in times when she didnt even know. In my darkest days she never left me, she never stopped loving me, most of all she was ALWAYS right there waiting for me when I hit rock bottom. I love that we can laugh together, and joke around. I love spending my days with her. She has become one of my best friends. I love you Mom!

Second there is Kami, Andys Mother.
I have to say thank you to her for raising such a great man. We often talk about how she was very hard on him as a kid, and he deserved it. He from what I hear was not an Angel child. He told me just two nights ago that he was lucky to have her there to raise him. Now that we are grown and we can be more like friends, I really enjoy Kami. I think we will grow to be great friends. Its funny because we are now raising children very close in age together.

Third there is Lizzy, Maras Mother.
She has this very special place in my heart. She took on the responsibility of a child I could not. She stepped up to the plate and promised to love and kiss her enough for two mothers. I love how she is with her. I love to see them together, it makes my heart warm. Mara couldnt be blessed with a better mom than Lizzy. Lizzy is everything and more, and I look up to her for that. I love you Lizzy, thank you for kissing our girl for me, and giving her all my love from far away.

I am so blessed to have my own kristofer and andee. At times i lose patience with the joys of raising a 7 year old boy, and its been a real change in life with a new born. I no longer look put together every day, but more like I just barely had enough time to shower. I wouldnt change them for the world.

Heres to having a great mothers day. Hoping I will get to spend it with both my little loves.

Friday, May 6, 2011

.3. My Parents

My Parents.

Thats a tough one. I mean what can you say about the most amazing parents in the world, lets just start out with my mom.

I started out as an Angel child, i mean what mother isnt excited for a daughter who runs through the house shrieking, and throwing horrible fits. I so look forward to those days. One thing that always stands out when i think of my mom, is that she is VERY creative when it comes to punishing. Picture squirt bottle of water to the face when child screams for no reason, tying door knobs together when same child tries to get out of her room when in time out, and the best one yet, for the same child mind you, carrying around a back pack full of rocks on the front of her, because mom was pregnant and was tired of walking through the neighborhood looking for the child. That child will NEVER forget that lesson. My mom is amazing. I feel sad when i think of all the hard times ive put her through. She has forgiven me for all those things but ill never forget how i made her sad. My mom is full of spunk and energy. She will instantly love you if you bring her a real pepsi.

My Dad.

There is so much to him! He can fix anything! I know my dad for his sweet 3-wheeler skills. He may of broken his collar bone once, but i want to believe it was because he was doing a sweet jump and someone just happened to cross his path at the wrong time. He is super smart at fixing cars and computers. You can call him with just about any problem and he will give you an answer, he reminds me of my Grandpa in that same way. He is just like my mom, always willing to serve anyone he can, ready to take action at any task! When I was chosing Maras parents a top priority on my list was for the dad to be a dad just like mine, he couldnt fall short of him in any way. One of my most favorite things abut my dad is his ability to make up a great story, once he told one about a princess who'd lost her way.. thats one ill never forget. i love my dad.

My parents have been a great example of the marriage I want to have. The kind of example I want to set for my own babies. I love you Mom & Dad

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My First Love..

My first love was blue with a flowered banana seat.. She took me every where i ever dreamed of going.

Just kidding. My first love was Shane. He lived across the street and for me it was love.
Or so I thought.
We used to talk every day after i got off the school bus.
He was older than me & I thought he was handsome.
My love was not returned.
I think I was in the 9th grade when he started dating my best friend,
& i was heartbroken.
later on in life i learned that was not love.
It was 6th grade love.