Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Gift We Could Not Give Each Other


She gave more than just one life
When she made of this man and wife
A father and a mother when she gave the gift
We could not give each other

More than we can ever say
Our hearts give thanks to heaven
Every time we hold this child we feel we hold the world
Words wil never be enough to share the way our family feels
But with every breath we breathe we want to tell that girl
And sweetness lingers here
In our hearts and thoughts and prayers

You gave more than just one life
When you made of this man and wife a father and a mother
And you gave the gift we could not give each other
You have changed our lives forever
We could not give each other

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Best Christmas Gift

Today I received my pictures from Cindy. This truelly was the best gift I could of received for Christmas! I couldnt wait, the anticipation had been building up since that day that seems oh so long ago.... As I looked through them I was in awe. They were SOO beautiful. Cindy did an amazing job and captured Kristofer at just the best times! She took so many I couldnt decide which ones to put on my blog! Mara looks so little. It all seems to be fading into a distant memory that is not so painful anymore. I am glad to be called a Birth Mother. I am thankful that I can call Josh and Lizzy Mom and Dad to Mara. I am forever greatful that I can be Katt in my Maras eyes, and she has a beautiful and loving Mother....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Its that lovely time of year again, when it feels like every Sunday were having Christmas dinner with one or the other side of my parents families. Over the last years I have grown to LOVE being around my family. Its always so much fun. We laugh, we fight, kids get bumps & bruises but thats what family is for, right?! Tonight we had Mexican food at Dawns with my mamas sisters Lori & Cheri. My cousins who used to be so little have grown to be almost bigger than me!! Where has the time gone! I always love catching up with my aunts they are so funny and so dang cute! We need to catch up more ladies! Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

5 Weeks

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I cant believe it already been 5 quick wks since I delivered that beautiful angel Mara! I got my very first package from Josh & Lizzy! It was just like Christmas. I held it for a minute, just looking, afraid at the contents.. It was FILLED with a little card, some fun things for Kristofer, and some pictures! Pictures I will FOREVER cherish and keep some where close just so I can look at them whenever I need a reminder of why I made this choice. Remind myself every day of that Im striving for, what my goals have changed for! I am so lucky to have such a close relationship and her mommy and daddy. They truelly amaze me. Open Adoption is so great with out it I wouldnt be getting such amazing pictures of that little angel!!

i love having you to miss Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Kristofer, Grandpa, and I went to Disneyland last weekend! It was so much fun! Kristofer now claims after the fact that Tower of Terror was his FAVORITE ride! Yes maybe when we were on the ground! He insisted on sitting in the very front of Splash Mountain, yet SCREAMED the whole time! He wasnt scared of heights it was the dark! Just like his mama! We watched the fireworks in front of Its A Small World, the light show on the side of the building was AMAZING! it snowed at the end, I wont even lie I cried! On Monday we were lucky and got fast passes for all the rides with long lines, we only stayed half the day and used only 2 so we gave them to some small family of 5! Lucky them! Thank you Daddy for taking us! It was so much fun!