Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I wish it was a perfect world and no one ever had to deal with infertility.
I wish it was a perfect world and there werent any "unplanned" pregnancies.
In my perfect world everyone would be happy and healthy and have as many babies as they could handle.

Sometimes I look at blogs of couples who are "hoping to adopt"
and my heart aches for them.
I dont know first hand what its like to go through infertility,
but i know from other people that its tough.

if it wasnt so blasted heartbreaking i would give every couple i know a baby.
but the reality is, it is heart breaking.

Its national infertility awareness week.
my heart aches for every couple that has gone through or is going through this bump in the road.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Its taken me forever to post these pictures but here they are! Josh, Lizzy & Mara flew in on March 27th to spend the day with me. We met at Freestone Park, chatted and just hung out. Mara LOVED the ducks! Josh & Lizzy invited us to lunch at the Farmers Grill with some of their close friends. It was really great to meet some of their friends, they were really nice. I got to sit with Mara at lunch it was a lot of fun she is such a little character. We had a little family get together at Dawns so everyone could see the Iggys. I had a great day. Kristofer really liked being able to hang out with her. Thank you Josh & Liz for bringing the girl for a quick visit. It was a fabulous day!