Sunday, May 15, 2011

6. Your Day

Today has been very uneventful.
Just the way I like it.
I woke up, took a shower, put some laundry in, went to walgreens & petsmart, did some dishes, changed the laundry, & then it happened, the worst part of my day so far.
I held off on nursing Andee Kae this morning, because in 3 short weeks I will be in Vegas, & sadly she will be here with Dawn & my mom. At the current time a bottle is not something she considers. She makes this horrible sad face, one that screams out " your breaking my heart! why would you try & do this to me" Its time to stop the nursing. We had our first battle at 9:30. It lasted for 20 minutes, there were arms & legs flying everywhere, screaming & tears, & two broken hearts. At the end Andee finally gave in.
I put some more laundry in, ran to the grocery to get some lunch, now im sitting at Rachaels with dye & bleach in my hair, Rachael tried to battle Andee but Rachael lost. The bottle is still full & Andee is sleeping... in a few moments im going to wash this dye out & lay by the pool until I have to head over to my parents for Bens birthday/ Cristals graduation party!

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