Friday, May 6, 2011

.3. My Parents

My Parents.

Thats a tough one. I mean what can you say about the most amazing parents in the world, lets just start out with my mom.

I started out as an Angel child, i mean what mother isnt excited for a daughter who runs through the house shrieking, and throwing horrible fits. I so look forward to those days. One thing that always stands out when i think of my mom, is that she is VERY creative when it comes to punishing. Picture squirt bottle of water to the face when child screams for no reason, tying door knobs together when same child tries to get out of her room when in time out, and the best one yet, for the same child mind you, carrying around a back pack full of rocks on the front of her, because mom was pregnant and was tired of walking through the neighborhood looking for the child. That child will NEVER forget that lesson. My mom is amazing. I feel sad when i think of all the hard times ive put her through. She has forgiven me for all those things but ill never forget how i made her sad. My mom is full of spunk and energy. She will instantly love you if you bring her a real pepsi.

My Dad.

There is so much to him! He can fix anything! I know my dad for his sweet 3-wheeler skills. He may of broken his collar bone once, but i want to believe it was because he was doing a sweet jump and someone just happened to cross his path at the wrong time. He is super smart at fixing cars and computers. You can call him with just about any problem and he will give you an answer, he reminds me of my Grandpa in that same way. He is just like my mom, always willing to serve anyone he can, ready to take action at any task! When I was chosing Maras parents a top priority on my list was for the dad to be a dad just like mine, he couldnt fall short of him in any way. One of my most favorite things abut my dad is his ability to make up a great story, once he told one about a princess who'd lost her way.. thats one ill never forget. i love my dad.

My parents have been a great example of the marriage I want to have. The kind of example I want to set for my own babies. I love you Mom & Dad

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