Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is there a worm in that box?

Lets step back a few weeks. Emilee & I were out shopping as a friendly reminder to Andy that I would love to be his wife, i picked up a few adds from the jewelry stores, by a few i mean every store in the mall... Later that night Andy and i went somewhere, i cleverly left the adds in the car on the seat for the next time he got in. He asked if id like him to put those in the recycle can for me... Hint taken.

Yesterday at the mall again, with Emilee of course, i pick up the same adds. Come strolling in, get andee kae situated and sit at the table circling all the rings i love. Doesnt even faze the man!

This morning started out hectic, woke up late, worked all day. Andy asked if i wanted to do something tonight.. Random i think. I even make a point to tell my sister that andys being extra nice today. We decide to go to Rach & Dustys for bbq, no need for me to make dinner. Em, Shaine, Paulie, Dusty, Rach, & Andee kae. Sitting in the back yard talking about I dont even remember what! Andy is holding the little honey, she of course is being banshee because its after 7, bed time. I tell Andy im ready to go home.

Andy reaches for his pocket, with this smirk on his face. The im up to something smirk. I ask who hes texting, because my first thought is hes texting some one about something that who knows what with him. ( thats always how the RC cars talk gets started) . He pulls this box out of his pocket, drops to one knee, my hands at this point are over my lips, i feel like i cant breath, and he asks me to be his wife. I just kept asking is this a trick!!!!!! I expected there to be a worm in the box because Andy would do that just to make me laugh, although I would not laugh.

I didnt know I could ever feel so happy as I am right now. My mouth wants to smile & I cant believe this is real. Tomorrow I will wake up still wondering if this is a trick. If he is going to take it back! We have talked wedding and are thinking next year, earlier on in the year. For sure want a destination wedding, nothing to crazy, just relaxing day with the love of my life, our children, & the people we love!

Thank you Andy for making me the happiest i have ever been. I cant wait to be your wife.

but lets please think about the hyphen for Pitstick' Gillespie.. xoxo


Rachael Who? said...

ha ha Katt Pitstick...

mrs-mcallister said...

That is so sweet.