Sunday, March 22, 2009

The last couple days have been pretty down for me, so I decided that I was going to make a list of things I love and focus on the good...

* Freshly cut grass.
* Kristofer telling me Im the BEST mom
* Andy wearing shirts that show off his muscles.
* A new born babies FIRST cry.
* A steamy bathroom.
* Mashed Potatos & Fried Chicken.
* Kristofer accomplishing things he has been working at.
* Emilee singing.
* Singing as loud as I want in the car.
*Pictures of Mara.
* Daddies sense of humor.
* Moms hugs.
* Pictures of Mara.
*Kristofers hugs & kisses.
* Those trees that smell like rain.
* Clean towels.
* A good book.
* Open Adoption.
* My Pre School class
* My moms picture wall that is always changing :)
* Andy skate boarding
* Big hair!

Thats just the start of my list ...but it sure does help to get my mind off the bad for just a minute.


mikestribe said...

Dont forget clean warm socks fresh out of the dryer!

brenda said...

warm socks fresh from the dryer = sock puppet? those socks?

rentedux (rented tux? rent-a-ducks?)

mikestribe said...

The best hugs are those that are returned. I love you.

Katarina said...

Daddy I think Rachael would agree that clean socks (or dirty) mean sock puppets.. but thats why i love your sense of humor

Anonymous said...

Forget clean socks, NEW SOCKS! So comfy.