Monday, March 9, 2009

Adoption Pamphlet

Audra asked me a LONG time ago it seems, if I would write a short something for a pamphlet on adoption. I finally gave in and wrote it tonight. Im not sure how it sounds or even looks. Maybe its not even what she is looking for but I gave her my heart on a platter with these words! i hope someone somewhere someday gets some use out of My Story.

Over the last three years I have had to watch my son grow in between homes, Back and forth questioning why his parents are not together. It tore me apart to watch him suffer. When I was forced to face a pregnancy alone I automatically knew my choice. I could not give another child a broken home . I knew I could care for her and give her what she NEEDED, that wasnt good enough for me. I knew in the end she deserved everything I had and more. She deserved better. Life is what I gave her. Not just to her but to her parents who had been anxiously awaiting her and had been well prepared. Her birth has forever been implanted in my mind. It has forever changed me.That day i broke my own heart, I lost a part of myself. I love her more than any words can ever explain.She is mine. She will always be mine. Nothing can change that. She is also theirs. Adoption is something beautiful. It forces amazing things out of something that started as a crisis. It isnt somthing to be ashamed of. I couldnt be more greatful to be called a Birthmother. To be part of giving life. Not a sinlge day, nor breath goes by when she isnt in my thoughts. She is Ours because I chose adoption.

Thank you Audra for giving me this opportunity.


Michelle said...

beautifully put.

Rachael Who? said...

Very nice sister. You have made a very selfless choice.

I love you.

Norma said...

This is beautiful!