Wednesday, March 18, 2009

As long as Im living My baby you'll be

Ill love you forever
Ill like you for always
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be.

I never get to cuddle him.
For about a minute he was half asleep
and let me hold him.

He was off to do
"Busier Things"
Sometimes I just want to cuddle
with my little baby!


Rachael Who? said...

Good book, reminds me of dad for some reason. Although I don't really reacall dad reading it to us. It just makes me think of him. Maybe he did read it...

The other sister said...

Grandma Gillespie gave that book to all four of her kids one year. She wrote "Love you forever, Mom" on the gift tag. I still have it, but I can't look at it. It makes me cry every time.

Anonymous said...

That book makes me cry too! Andrew says it's creepy that the mom climbs into her sons window to rock him as a grown up.

Rachael Who? said...

If someone climbed into my window in the night I would think that it was more than creepy. Considering the stalkish ex...