Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i miss the girl.
its moments when life slows down for just a second that i realize.
i looked at the iggys blog the other day.
so many updates.
so many pictures of my sweet angel.
i asked andy as we sat watching..
"can you believe that i made that girl?
can you believe that she is mine?"

his response was something along the lines of
"yes, when are you giving me mine"

life has been busy.
too busy to mourn the loss of things that are unsaid right now.
things that i cant really understand.
but its in these little slow moments that i wish i had something going on.

i can feel a break down coming.
not sure when..
all i can say is that im tired of crying over loss of babies.

i thought i was doing good,
but now i just miss my princess even more.

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