Saturday, January 23, 2010

For all my fabulous readers
just figured i'd update ya'll about my crazy beautiful life.
1. i start school next month! i am feeling anxious
(next semester i might even jump into a class on campus WOAH)
2. kristofer is doing great in kindergarten.
he is always excited to go to school & rarely complains.
(boy I am lucky)
3. life on the sofa couch is restless.
I am always waiting for the final person to go to sleep,
& always up with the very first person .. yawn
4. My beloved Andrew... i love him.
we have had our moments but who hasnt *honestly*
at my maddest moment I can still name more reasons i love him than why I hate him.
& i cant see anyone making me smile more than he does.
5. next month marks 2 (yes 2) years of conceiving The Girl.
man oh man i cant believe she is getting so big,
time is a flyin'
.....i miss her more than ever lately....
6. work is slow
but i enjoy the time i get to spend with my sister.
One day we WILL have the Katt & Rachael show.


1 comment:

Rachael Who? said...

I love you!!! I can't believe I got a mention in your blog!! I got a little tear in my eye.