Friday, October 2, 2009

I should be packing...
but instead i decided to update my blog.

going up north with Di & her honey & her kids
Kristofer is beyond excited he didnt want to go to school.
but he has already missed two days this week.
Sick. he was sick..

Btw i am NOT turning lesbian Audra.
Di gets me.
hangs out with me when im feeling sad
even wears her hair in a side pony tail just to see me smile again.
I can be a crying wreck and think that no one is going to understand
why i am crying for no good reason,
and she gets it.
Makes me go out even when I dont want to.
Shes fun, although not lesbian lol

i have been missing the girl
often i think * how did I ever do it *
next month is one year.
where has the time gone!
i miss my pregnant belly
her wigglin around in there

over the saddness
gotta go shower
and pack ..

My mom never lets me have any fun
just so everyone knows!

The Princess

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audra said...

LOL, thanks for clearing that up for me Katt!