Wednesday, October 7, 2009


No words can describe this girl



I know I am a day early but ..
Happy 11 Months My Girl!
Beautiful, Perfect, Amazing, Gorgeous, Laughter, Brightness,
Angel, Heavenly, Smiles, Happiness, LOVE.
I can go on forever with the words that come to my mind
when I see this adorable face.
My heart is full today with love for that girl!
In one month she will be a year old.
I am in a way trying to put time on hold
while i ponder what that day is going to be like.
November is going to be a hard one.
Im sure it will be filled with many many posts of
last years events.

Miss Mara Jane,
I love you! I miss you!
I am lucky that I have the relationship that I have with your parents!
I am truly blessed that you came into my life.
I couldn't of asked for a more beautiful gift.
Not one minute of any day has went by in the last 11 months
that I havent thought of you.
That I havent ached to kiss you or hold you.
I am truly lucky that your mommy and daddy give you enough love for all of us.
I love you my sweet angel!