Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i am: stubborn, feisty, strong willed, & hardheaded
i think: tomorrow is always better than today
i know: i need to be stronger in a lot of ways
i want: to get married again
i have: dreams of a black wedding dress!
i wish: it would rain
i dislike: pregnant woman
i miss: mara jane
i fear: no one will give me babies
i feel: like things are falling into place FINALLY
i hear: the water running
i smell: air
i crave: water
i usually: cant fall asleep in the pitch dark
i search: for reasons why people do things
i wonder: if its going to work out
i regret: that i didnt say goodbye in a better way
i love: kristofer david sluyter
i care: what people think too much
i always: play with my hair
i worry: that ill be an old cat lady
i am not: weak anymore
i remember: it like it was yesterday.....
i believe: that its not goodbye its see you soon
i dance: whenever there is music on!
i sing: to the radio far too loud
i don’t always: do what i know i should
i argue: open adoption
i write: about everything
i win: never
i lose: a lot
i never:want to hurt again
i listen: very well
i don't understand: why people cheat
i can usually be found: on the couch reading
i am scared: of being alone
i need: kristofers smile daily
i forget:everything
i am happy about: the fact that i am stronger today than i ever thought i would be!

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