Tuesday, September 8, 2009

10 Whole Months Ago..

304 days ago..
doesnt really seem that long ago.
that cry, that smell, that sweet baby skin...
everytime i think it gets easier every emotion is pushed back into my heart.
all the aches, all the tears, all the baby giggles im missing out on,
are worth it though.

the joy i gave to two people.
the joy i gave to that girl,
by simply giving life!

somedays i get so angry!
I dont know how anyone in their right mind could not give life!
it makes me angry when i think of it.
when i hear people talk of it.
its such a simple thing,
just giving life..

I feel so many different emotions today. I am so grateful for Josh & Lizzy. So grateful they opened their hearts to me. So much fear on both sides that i think we both overcame.. I know i couldnt of overcome that fear without them. Josh & Lizzy I love you your simply amazing

My heart hurts a little. I miss her.

Miss Mara Jane happy 10 months!
I love you!
I miss you!
I hope your always told how much your Birthmother loves you.
& i hope you always get that kiss thats just from me!


Emilee said...

I doubt that its SIMPLY giving life love... What you did is amazing and you know it! I looove you!

audra said...

And what an amazingly beautiful little girl Mara is!