Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh Life

Ugh today has been one of those days..
im sure it has a lot to do with the fact that its been a rough week.
Andy and I have parted ways,
and so have my job and myself.
Both are good changes.
I cant decide what career i want to do now,
but i dont think its in child care.
yes i love it and want to further my education
but at the end of such a long day i am stressed
any little thing kristofer does makes me want to scream!
I am sad that andy and i have to be apart
and cant even be friends
i wish that there was more nice things i could say
but at this moment there is nothing worth saying.
except i wish him the best.. with his many girlfriends
*that he thought I wouldnt find out about*
okay maybe im a little bitter...

I have had some nice chats with a friend from my teenage yrs lately
he has been making me see that i have been putting up with dirt.
it is so sad to report that when someone says nice things to me
it makes me cry more than the mean things.
today i had my friend Di's kids ::2 & 3 ::
we went about our day picked up kristofer
got snacks drove around * yes it 3 kids makes a very loud car ride *
i texted him and said that three kids was a lot to handle
his reply literally made my heart skip
* your a strong person & if anyone can do it its you *
lately i havent been feeling that great about anything
and its nice to know that there is someone who sees what im doing
and maybe thinks its ok.

Audra also wrote a very sweet post on the blog
about her amazing birthmothers
that brought me right back to that day at Joes.
last yr i had two best friends
who were expecting their very first baby
and i was expecting the most changing event in my life
we all got though it ok..


Cami said...

I love you!
I just wanted you to know

Kara said...

Aw I cant believe that about Andy. Im so sorry Katt, that is horrible. I cant wait to get together next week to talk about everything. Love ya

audra said...

Where's the nearest singles ward :)