Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Little Things..

Yep see that boy? Thats why shes banging on the window..
Josh and Lizzy you guys sure are in trouble with this girl!

Last night I was just sitting around with my friend Di, and I get this ever to random text. Let me first explain that this kind of random text are perfect! They put a smile on my face from ear to ear. Of course it was from Josh & Lizzy! Dang I just love them! They are so sweet to me!
Mara Janes 10 Favorite Things at 10 Months
1. She loves ice cold water (it must have ice)
2.She likes toast (but first licks the jam off)
3. She bangs on the wall in the morning when she is ready to get up or yells DAD, DAD because Dad gets her up)
4.Her newest feat -as of yesterday- is crawling up the stairs \
rather quickly
5. She loves baths
6.She loves loves to be outside

7. She can sign "more" & does it immediately after every bite, when she really likes something ( like right now as Liz is feeding her yogurt)
8. She calls the dog by his name, Brody -or rather "Bow-ee"
9.She loves being around other kids
10. She loves to watch football with her daddy, especially in her cowboys jersey
This my friends is one of the many reasons I am lucky. A reason why I would tell anyone to choose Adoption. A reason I just think Mara has the best parents! A reason that I call Josh & Lizzy family!
I love you guys thank you for making my day!


Cami said...

super cute!

Anonymous said...

aww thats so cute!