Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Look Look Look

Josh & Lizzy took Mara to Bear Lake where they have land and one day will have a home. I cant believe how big she is and how much she has grown.

From baby to best in moments..

Oh my gosh! Look at that girl! I am speachless. I have so much to say but emotions are high today so im not sure if this will be a long post...
I have been missing Lizzy & Josh..I felt like i shouldnt be saying that but some how someone up there knew i needed to hear some sweet words. All i can say is thank you Lizzy you made my day....


audra said...

I'm happy for you, glad you got that positive affirmation. You are awesome Katt, missed you tonight!

Anonymous said...

What a cute Baby! She is growing up so beautiful!

Trevor and Brianne said...

Katt, she is adorable.
I love her little swimsuit.
These babies are all growing so fast...I remember how little they all were at the photo shoot.
Hope all is going well!