Monday, August 10, 2009

He took that leap...

and did great..

Kristofer had his very first day of school today.
As it was Josh's week we played the little game as always,
he didnt know what time he was taking him blah blah blah
To the good part,
I cried the whole way to the school,
everyone said ::do not cry in front of him ::
as im hugging him on the playground my eyes are just moist.
He walked right into his class,
his teacher gave him his name tag and that was it.
He took that little hand and wiped my kiss off.
Oh man..
as i walked out the classroom down the hall
i noticed that i was not the only mom crying in the hall.

Kristofer my little :: you are always my little.
you will always be my little
no matter what sorry...
i love you big boy


audra said...

I feel for ya!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you're on top of things! He looks so handsome. You'll make it!

brenda said...

I cried when both of mine started kindergarten, too. In the hallway with all the other crying moms! Hard to watch them becoming independent little humans, but they will always need their mommies.


Alex said...

I almost started crying for you while reading this. I remember that day for Vada. Like you, many told me not to cry in front her, so I didn't, but I did once I got to my car. I even cried at her first day of first grade! Sheesh, hopefully the crying on the first day of school ends at some point. He looks VERY cute and excited! You're such a good momma!

Jordann said...

He looks so cute, and so ready for this. :)i cant wait for Kayden to start his first day of Kndergarten.