Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

This morning I woke up to a cute little note on the mirror from Mister Andy. It was so cute. It had some little stick figures and 5 little stick figure babies. The best stick figure babies I have EVER seen & I work in a child care! I am so lucky this year to have him around! I got a package from Josh & Lizzy, which started my day out amazing! She is so big and smiley I love it! It had some things for Kristofer and a card & letter for me. I always love Lizzys letters they are so heart warming! Grandpa got married today, now we have added Ellen to the family. They had a little reception at my Mama house. They are just so cute. I got to talk to Ellen, she is a pretty neat lady come to find out. I am so happy for Grandpa and Ellen! It was the usually crazy ness with all the right people. I couldnt ask for a better Valentines day. Except my honey had to work so he couldnt be my date :(

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