Saturday, February 14, 2009

I FINALLY got a picture on the family wall mom & I both agree on. I asked my dad earlier in the day how long Andy had to be my honey before I got to have him in my picture with me. His answer was short and sweet * Need a ring * I than replied that Rachael & Jen dont have rings and they are on the wall! So when we arrived at my moms house I decided to ask her, she said it was fine. So I FORCED Andy to take a picture with me. I think it brings out all my best qualities. No fake smile, its showing my hair and I have that handsome guy in there too! Finally the first time I have added to my picture!


Dawn said...

I do believe Christofer used to be in the picture with you! I am happy to keep my same old picture with my hot stud!

Word verification: fludge
could this be what happens to you if you eat too much fudge??

Rachael Who? said...

I like that, Fludge.