Thursday, February 19, 2009

Although things have taken a sudden turn with Grandpa. Just 5 days ago he was the happy healthy man we all knew.. Unreal how life can change in just an instant and be taken from you. It really makes me sit back and think about what I have.. Please pray for him that he will be where he needs to be....

Even though this is going on I am still going to visit those 2 people I fell in love with 8 months ago! It was much debate in my own mind, but it seems like a good choice and it will be nice to be in a happy place if only for a couple days! Wish us safe traveling & not too much anxiety!

Ill be sure to give her a million kisses from EVERYONE!


brenda said...

you should definitely go visit your angel!

god bless you, kathy. have a wonderful trip.

Cami said...

Have fun.
I'll be praying.
Love you!