Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not much to post these days when work has completely consumed your days.
Kristofer turned 7 yesterday, a small party will be held this week, sometime.
I cant believe my little boy is 7!
He is so smart, so full of energy, and so very very loving.
He loves video games and building with legos.
This week we will be painting his room green, a color he picked. I will be sure to post pictures.
Little girl is growing in my belly.
We had a little trip to the ER yesterday because she decided to take a little break from being "Ninja Andee" to not moving at all for a good day & a half.
She is sounding good though, her heart monitor showed that by her movements & heart she is developed to about 32 weeks. We arent ready for her to come yet though by any means. I am 27 weeks and counting down the days until my clothes will fit again.
Kristofer is so excited to meet his little sister. He wants to be able to feed her in the mornings before he goes to school, but is not excited about sharing his room with her because she is going to cry a lot. Man he makes me laugh. We will be having her baby shower on Oct. 9th 2010 if youd like to attend please send me a text, an email or comment with an address.
Andys still loving his job, which is good, he has been working a lot though.
With myself working crazy hours every week we are home just enough to say good morning or good night and some days if were lucky, both.
Ill try to be better about posting.
i promise pictures of Kristofers 7th birthday & painting of his room!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad she is doing good!

Rachael Who? said...

Bring that little girl over, I will giver her a jump start!!
Let me know if you need help with Kristoffers room, or his party! I love a good party!

OOOHHH we could make the pineapple cream cheese dip. Or, I have this new one with chiplotle rasberry jam and cream cheese that is even more delicious!