Saturday, October 23, 2010

Long Time No Blog..

Haven't been up to much, just hanging out doing the grown up thing.
Working at The Depot has got me exhausted pretty much every day of the week.
Lots of walking around & dealing with cranky cashiers & customers.
At the end of the day I cant complain too much,
at least I have a decent job when many don't.

Baby Girl is coming right along. She isnt officially due until December 9th, but we are hoping she comes sometime before Thanksgiving. If anyone has any ideas on how to get her to come out around that time, send 'em my way! I have gianed a whopping 20 pounds, I feel as big as a house! Up until a couple weeks ago I was still wearing my regular shirts, but I had to up size since all my shirts are showing this cute little section above my pants below my belly button, I mean I think its adorable but some might not. Andy couldnt be more excited & thinks he is going to be playing a theme song in the delivery room upon her arrival... Good luck with that one honey!

Kristofer just completed the first quarter of 1st grade. He is above average in Math, dont ask where he got that skill from, & just right in reading & writing. That boy loves to read! He has moved from his very first chapter book to wanting to read none other than Harry Potter. I wont discourage him, but it might get a little tough for him to understand. He is such a sweet boy, always willing to do his chores & really likes helping me make dinner. I cant believe he is 7 already! We took him fishing last saturday and let me tell you , he is a natural! He caught more fish than Andy, sorry babe! Although he wouldnt touch any of them!

I came home a couple weeks ago from a long night at work to see that Andy had painted the kids room & cut down Kristofers bed, it was about 2 feet from the ceiling. He is so good to me. We have had the paint for over a month but I was just too tired to get around to it. We now have pretty much everything set up. Her crib is ready to go, and bassinet is sweetly placed right next to our bed. I couldnt be more excited for her to come!

Im going to head out to a little boutique see if there is anything this sweet girl just cant live without!

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