Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Littlest Love kristofer

Kristofer totally put me in my place tonight and he doesnt even know it. This morning I was ever so frustrated with him. Our mornings around here are very crazy. I leave my house to drive to Andys to pick him up BY 7. No later than 7:10. We go by the gas station religiously, drop kristofer off at school at exactly 7:35 right as the gates open to get Andy to work by 8. After that I head to wherever my day is taking me. Well this morning as we are walking out the door, already late mind you, kristofer shows me the snack bag for school and says its his turn to bring snack! I was like ugh I know I looked in your back pack how could I of missed it! I was a little irritated with him but instead of the gas station we stopped by the store super quick run in only 10 minutes later than usual. I pick him up from school ( a VERY short break from my Child Development homework) and he says asks if he can have the extra oreos i didnt send to school because they didnt eat his snack. I ask why. He tells me it wasnt really his day, he has had that bag at home for a long time but kept forgetting it.. Again frustration.

Fast forward to tonights homework with him. He has to draw a picture of the family tallest to shortest. of course it went like this Grandpa. Uncle Paulie,Uncle Ben,. Aunt Emilee. Mommy. Aunt Cristal. Grandma. Aunt Julia, and Kristofer

His reply to why he drew the faces he did, Granpa was laughing .uncle paul was sad, uncle ben is always mad at him and aunt emilee is ALWAYS smiling.. it just was a real eye opener to how much he really pays attention. How much he really picks up on. I need to stop being so frustrated to quick and realize that he is just 6. he just wants love just like everyone else. I love him. He is such a sweet boy. He is my most favorite little! kristofer david I love you! xoxo mommy

(one more short rant. sharing a child with someone is hard! especially when that someone thinks kindergarten is a joke)


Anonymous said...

His picture is so funny! It is hard to be a mom.

Cluff Family said...

You are a good Mom to pay attention to what he is saying to you. Kids really do watch us and know if we are happy or sad or even paying attention. It was great to meet Andy.

Anonymous said...

great msg for me, thanks a lot dude˙﹏˙