Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thank You Dawn

I have been into reading a lot lately. I just love it. Everyone is always shocked to see me with a book in my hand. One night I called Dawn and asked her for a good book. She gave me a book called "Love & Grace" Let me just tell you, Dawn you pulled on my heart strings. I have been having a hard time lately wondering why I had to go through this? Why everyday am I faced with such heart ache? I know why, there where two people that needed me. Two people that needed a baby that they could not give each other. Heavenly Father trusted me. He had enough faith and trust in me that I would deliver this beautiful girl to where she needed to be. That after she was done helping me with my own life that she would be with her rightful family. Some days its so hard. I dont even know how i got through those moments in the hospital. How I willingly handed her to another woman and put such faith in her to love her like I would.... In the next month I will be able to know that Mara is where she is supposed to be. That because Josh & Lizzy have lived their life int he way they should their daughter will be theirs forever!


ELHG said...

Please know you have done a wonderful thing. The Lord will continue to help you each day... I know that He will. How precious that little girl is to the two people who care for her now. Have courage for each day. And know that your Heavenly Father is guiding you in each step you take. I have an adopted daughter, for there was a time when JR and I could not have a second child. She has been a joy to me... She came to live with us when she was only 10 days old. What a wonderful gift someone gave us. Keep listening for God's guidance in your daily walk. You are on the right path!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked the book. I've read it a couple of times if you can't tell. It's like watching a movie in my head. I love to read.

Kara said...