Friday, April 3, 2009

Frogs no more,
I have found my prince!
A lovely girl like myself
Deserves someone just as lovely.
Andy picked me up from work with this in his car.
We have been together 3 months today.
I can say I couldn't feel happier.
He is that one guy who appreciates me,
loves me with all my faults,
even looks at them in a positive way!
Andy I love you!
Thank you for putting up with me,
standing by my side
supporting everything I do,
and just loving me.
A girl like me just needs someone to love her
now im ready to give you anything
and everything you need!


Cami said...

don't you love when things just seem to fall into place.
He seems like an amazing guy and I am glad you are happy.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers!