Friday, November 4, 2011


Kristofer is such a bright & smart little boy! To me he isn't even a little boy anymore, he's like a grown up! Kristofer loves any and all sports. He likes to skate board and wants a dirt bike. He picks up everything at school so quickly that I think he is bored.. hence why he gets into a little trouble here & there. I couldnt picture life without him. He gives me a run for my money & constantly keeps me guessing with whats next to come out of his mouth! I love you kristofer & I cant believe your already 8!
Andee Kae is QUICKLY ( too quickly) approaching the big year old. I dont like it. She has always loved all food. She was slow to take a bottle but now drinks milk like its going out of style! If she could be outside all day she would, i swear as much as i want her to be a princess, she will follow daddy & brother & be a tom boy :( She is the happiest baby. in the morning she doesnt even cry, she just hangs out until someone comes to get her outta bed. I couldnt ask for a better & sweeter little girl. She recently started spitting, & trying to stand all alone. I swear can she just be little for a little while longer ....... As i sit here writing this post she is laying on the floor watching UP, pulling her sock off with one hand, while holding her milk in the other, with her favorite pink blanket wrapped around her..

I couldnt ask for better babies to be called mine.

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Dawn said...

THey are growing and adorable! I bet that Andee KAy will give you a run for your money, she's got a lot of her mother in her!