Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hard Work..

I feel like no matter how many hard things life has brought my way, im STILL learning.
Some days im so tired of learning. I just want something to be easy.
I walked away from a marriage once, & from that day forward I swore to myself i wouldnt ever get married or have children with someone I wasnt SURE i was going to spend the rest of my days with. I swore to myself after Mara that no other child born by me, would ever have a broken family.
in no way do i claim to be perfect, because i am very far from that, but i try my best.
i believe Andy does his best.
I love Andy, every single part of him. He does so much for our family, he brings out parts of me that I didnt know existed. We have our Andee Kae because we know we are it for each other.
Things get tough sometimes, & sometimes we think it would be easier to quit & start fresh somewhere else. Reality is that we are a family. We work thru things, EVERYTHING.
No matter how tough.
& im happy with that. id work thru anything with Andy to keep our family together.


Josh&Lizzy said...

I'm proud of you, lady. Life is not easy, and marriage certainly isn't, either. There have been times in our relationship where we were tempted to call it quits, but looking back on those times years later, we are always so dumbfounded at how stupid the original arguement was & so glad we stuck it out. We are both big believers that the more you go through & work through together as acouple, the stroger and happier you become. XOXO

Rachael Papes said...

Well... You know that you spend the majority of the time of your life at work... Maybe a total of two hours a day with your "spouse". So, since we haven't broken up, I know you love me best.

ForeverSarahLee said...

I love Josh and Lizzy's response. And I love you too Katt! Always in my thoughts and prayers girl.