Saturday, September 24, 2011

Someone once told me that missing Mara was not right.
That I should treat it like a dead person & not dwell on it,
that just like a miscarriage she is gone & to let go.
Those words still sting even though that person is not in my life.
Whenever I feel myself start to miss her, those words ring in my ears.
They sting & I start to actually question what i actually miss.
That sweet girl grew with me for 9 short months.
She won my heart in those 9 short months.
My heart melts when I see her famous Princess Smile, how she is growing & learning, her love for her sister & mom & dad.
She is VERY much alive & not to ever be forgotten.
Every single day I think of her.
There is a piece of my heart missing... her piece, the one she took & fit it so perfectly into Josh & Lizzys where they were missing a piece..

Her 3rd birthday is approaching quicker then i can even imagine!
Can it really be 3 years already!?!?!
So much has happened, so much has changed.
But my love for that sweet girl hasn't changed.
I am so blessed at the end of every day that I have an open adoption.
Thank you for taking a leap & saying yes Iggys.
I am so lucky that sweet Mara will be able to know that she is loved from soo many people.
If i knew how to save pictures on this stupid iBOOK I would post a picture of her gorgeous Princess Smile, but after two nights I still cant figure it out!

i love you sweet girl.

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