Saturday, April 30, 2011

Doing Like My Sister..

Ive decided I dont nearly blog enough so im going to follow my little sister
and take the 30 day challange .

Wish me luck!
1. Introduce yourself with pictures and words.
2. Your first love
3. Your parents
4. What you ate today
5. Your defination of love
6. Your day
7. Your Best Friend
8. A moment
9. Your beliefs
10.What you wore today
11. Your siblings
12.Whats in your bag
13.Your week
14.What you wore today
15.Your dreams
16.Your first kiss
17.Your favorite memory
18.Your favorite birthday
19. Something you regret
20. This month
21. Another moment
22. Something that upsets you
23. Something that makes you feel better
24. Something that makes you cry
25. Your fears
26. A first
27. Your favorite place
28. Something you miss
29. Your aspirations
30. One last moment

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