Sunday, February 6, 2011

Andee Kae's Belssing

Last night I was up til almost 1 am making food.
Little Honey decided to wake up a bunch last night once I did fall asleep.
7 am rolled around, Kristofer wanted breakfast.
I wanted just a little more sleep while Andee slept.
Rolled out of bed to shower at 8:30.
Baths and showers for everyone,
and we still ran late, im still adjusting to life with a baby.
We made it to the church just in time to give Andee a quick change out of her tights and onsie, because it NEVER fails. Cute outfit = messy diaper.
My dad gave her a heartfelt blessing, that made me a little teary.
I am very thankful to have a dad that can do those things for me.
It made me look back and think of all the other times ive needed him for blessings in times when ive needed strenght the most and just becauseI felt like i needed one. I love you Dad, Thank you for today.

After church a quick run by the house to pick up the food.
Than off to the park where we were joined by friends and family to celebrate.
Today was a great day.
Thank you everyone that came to celebrate with us.
I love my little family.
Its perfection.


A Life Being Lived said...

Sooo precious!!!

mikestribe said...

Messy diaper or not she was so cute.

Josh&Lizzy said...

Super chunk cutie! The day looks absolutely perfect & your family looks so happy!!

mrs-mcallister said...

So Cute, I'm sure your schedules and what not will get better so you get more sleep. :D