Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When I was 18 and a new mother I didnt cherish the little moments.
Now with my sweet Andee Kae I cant get enough of her.
My days of making sure I didnt leave the house with out make up and my hair being done are over.
I just cant justify leaving her on the floor for that extra 20 minutes that I could be holding her.

Kristofer and Andy are enjoying their new love of RC cars.
We spend many days at my parents so they can hang out and drive their cars with my brothers in their custom track lol.
Kristofer is loving first grade, they just went on their first field trip to a museum.
He had a great time! He never complains about going to school.

Life has been so good around our house.I cant think of anything that im missing.
The nights are a little lonely due to either Andy or I sleeping on the couch,but Mister Pitstick and I are more in love than ever. Andee Kae has been the best thing for our little family.
Kristofer is the best big brother and I wish he was with us always.
Time is going by way to fast.There is a little honey that is calling for her mommy.
Ill update again soon!

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ForeverSarahLee said...

I am SO glad that you guys are doing so well. LOVE to hear it! And I am so glad that you get to cherish being a mommy!! :O)