Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lets Talk About A Perfect Day

Seriously. Perfect.
Let me give a little background. A couple weeks ago Liz asked if i got the letter they sent. Nope no letter! Are you kidding me! I watch religiously for a letter, nothing. Almost two weeks. Nothing.
Another little background. A whole 14 weeks ago Andy & I found out I am pregnant! We didn't tell anymore one due to some complications, & a high chance of miscarriage.
This takes us to present day.

19 weeks along & healthy. Little Miss Andee K Pitstick is due December the 9th 2010. She weighs in at a whopping 9 ounces & has all 10 fingers & toes. Yes, we are naming her Andee, after her dad, Richard Andrew. Middle name compliments of my mother, his mother & myself. & we could not be happier!

I come home from dropping Andy off at work, Julia hands me "the letter". The beloved letter I've been waiting for! Miss Mara is growing & more beautiful than ever! She has the biggest smile & these cute little sleepy eyes! I have pictures but couldn't scan them. I will soon. She is a little Domestic Diva as Liz says. & just loves Buzz Light Year. No one will ever replace the love or place I have in my heart for this girl. I am beyond excited to finally get my baby girl, but there will always be my first baby girl. I just love you Mara Jane!

We are currently in a state of moving. Oh how I loathe that! Oh how I will be loving my own place again, with my little family. I am becoming pretty crafty & am so excited to be able to paint & make it our little place. Andy is loving his job at Dragon Fire Racing, which is always a plus. He is lucky enough that my dad lets him ride to work with him, & they get some bonding time. Its actually a nice change to have a boyfriend your dad gets along with! Home Depot life is busy. It keeps me busy & slim. On an average day I walk a much needed 10 or 11 miles. Think about how small Home Depot is, yep back and forth all day long. I really do enjoy my job & most of the people i work with. Kristofer is getting excited to start 1st grade next month. Not so excited that he is getting a sister & not a brother. I think in the end he will love her just as much.

It has been a wonderful day & I couldn't be happier to end it snuggled up next to my babe ( after we pack up the kitchen ) but none the less in my spot!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good day ! You look cute. Congratulations.
Still stand by marriage first. (yes I have to add that thanks to my older sista status!)

Rachael Who? said...

I see your japanese friend decided to speak english....

Congratulations Sister. I'm glad that you are getting your little girl.

Lets make some fabulous stuff for her room!!!

I have Susans fanatical inspirations! Over the TOP!!!

audra said...

Congratulations Katt, you needed another little girl to pamper. Wish you would have come to see us last night, we all miss you! I'm glad you are happy and living a life you deserve to enjoy.

Candace said...

Hey, I found your blog when I was thinking of placing my baby boy for adoption. I wanted to say I am so excited for you! Babies are such blessings, and I love the name!

Josh&Lizzy said...

I think it is so frikkin' hilarious that you specified the 10 fingers & 10 toes... soooo funny (poor lil Kristofer)!!!

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