Saturday, December 26, 2009

im just flat tired of being put second.
it seems like oh hey ya we can hang out.
wait imma go do this better thing than ill come see you.
im not the only female with the problem.
it seems guys these days are all jerks.
no matter what.
its like somewhere guys being born after 1980
got the "im refusing to let my friends go" gene
& "i refuse to be tied down" gene
somewhere a healthy relationship consists of
*spending minimal time together
*having your very own life that doesnt involve the other person
* & not keeping plans.
im so frustrated i could cry
im so tired of being let down that now im just done expecting anything

The less you expect the less you hurt.


audra said...

Katt, I'm so sorry. I think you should just allow yourself to be alone for a while. Don't go back to any of these jerks and be okay with just you! You are beautiful, kind, and so worth fidelity, but you've got to be strong enough to wait for the right guy (and start looking in the right places dangit!). You are letting go of one very important standard from the get go with these guys, and I think you know what I think it is. I swear if I were back there I'd be calling you in to meet with me girl! I know you don't want advice, you just wanted to vent, but I couldn't help myself. Just hold out for another 3.5 months. Be okay with being alone, and once you are okay with that, you can be a whole lot more selective, right? You can read this and delet it, by the way, I won't be offended :)

The Prettiest Mess You've Ever Seen said...

i love you Audra & always need your words even though im stubborn and sometimes dont wanna hear them i need it. thank you . only 3.5 months!

Rachael Who? said...

Remember sister, Expectation leads to disappointment and anger.

Jared was so mad when I wrote that on the workroom chalk board.


Alex said...

I like what Audra had to say. First, get to being okay with being alone. Once you're to that level, you don't give jerks the time of day and you end up dating guys worth while and who know how to treat a woman. And no, not a single man is perfect, but neither are we. I still get pissed when Kyle puts work before family, but that's just who he is and he learned that from his dad. But he treats me with so much respect, and I think that's because when we met he knew I didn't NEED him. I made it clear that I was doing fine on my own and that if he screwed up then he was gone. And I think having that confidence in yourself makes you so much more desirable to men. Hey, get yourself a good vibrator and it'll make getting to that point a little easier. :)

Anonymous said...

You hold out and make yourself the best you can be, then demand that from the man you want to be with. You will find one, try looking in a different place my lovely sister, you deserve a nice man and they are out there.
love you!