Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Has Come & Passed

Merry Christmas everyone! I cant believe its another year gone! Wow where has the time went. My beloved family left for California this morning early so Christmas was just Andy, Kristofer & I. I cant say that I've had a better Christmas than the one I had this year. Kristofer lucked out with some Ben 10 guys, tech dechs & ramp, clothes & other random things that 6 year old boys think make their days so much easier. I got Andy some new clothes & cologne. He was such a sweet heart blessed me with socks, a belt & a Weezer shirt -my all time favorite band- & this beautiful ring with a January stone in it for the month we started dating. We headed out to the dog park & spent sometime at his house with his brother Grady. Rachael made some delicious dinner and the kids had a good time playing. Now Im home making sure the mess is cleaned up from breakfast and presents. About ready to pop in a movie and cuddle up in my blankets on the couch. I hope everyone had a great Christmas like I did!

P.s All through the day I have received pictures of the most beautiful Princess who is growing ever so fast! It just puts the biggest brightest smile on my face seeing how she is big enough to open her presents & loves to carry a purse! Aw I cant wait until i can visit her again. Im sure she is like a whole different baby! I didnt realize how much i am missing her until i started to write this. She is such a blessed little girl . Josh & Lizzy are so wonderful to me!

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