Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2 Months Already!

Two months already! Yes I may have my bad days, some are much harder than others, but this is what I made these choices for! Her crying, smiling, or just huge eyes! She is beautiful! Josh and Lizzy called last night to let me know that yes I can come see Mara and them next month! I am beyond excited! I am sure I wont sleep much til that day! She has changed SOO much. These months have flown by with out a doubt! I am very lucky and greatful for every ounce of support I get from all my family! Thank you for being there on my rough days.!


Cami said...

See is one cute girl!
I am super excited for you, and I hope that you really enjoy your visit.
Hopefully your good days are more frequent then your bad.

Hope all is well, I have missed you lately.

Kara said...

She's lookin beautiful!