Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My oh my. I havent posted in so long. there are so many things to update! I havent posted since thanksgiving. Andee kae turned a year old. We had a sweet little pink & green party at the park. All of our favorite people were there to celebrate with us. Christmas we spent in San Diego with Andys parents. It was a very relaxing christmas of beaches and relaxing. January Andy & i decided that it was time to have our last and final baby, so we started working on that. We moved from our tiny two bedroom, into a CASTLE! it feels like a castle but its not. We just have a lot more space then we had before and a lot more cleaning for me. February we found out we were pregnant! Yay we were so excited to have out last two littles 2 years apart. Working with Rach has been so much fun. I love being so close to my sister, shes  like my best friend, I like to call her the "know all" because she really does know all and how to do everything. She teaches me a lot and I dont think i give her enough credit for it. March came with an 8 week baby heart beat! I was happy to see that everything was healthy and good. More work work and more work. Also lots of loving out new bigger space. Except the stairs, andee is a daredevil and tests anything she can. Kristofer is doing great in school, except he talks too much... way to much that he gets a note weekly about his talking. April came with our 12 week appointment, just to find no heart beat. This was very hard on me. I feel blessed to be able to have my Mom close to call when things went wrong. Weeks went by with no miscarriage, so I went in for a D&C. I was so scared, id never been put under and i didnt want this to be the reason why i had to. Andy was with me the entire time and i couldnt ask for a better person to be with me. He took AMAZING care of me, im one lucky lady.  Lots of things with Andee Kae, she has started her terrible twos a little early. Kristofer was such a good sweet baby and still is the sweetest boy, Andee has fire in her! A little Devil in those eyes. Kristofer just graduated 2nd grade. He is so smart, too smart in some subjects that hes bored. He loves to read and do anything that has to do with legos, or bike riding. He and Andy get along great and it couldnt ask for more. Andy has gotten into RC car racing. He got 4th in his first race in Tucson, and i cant wait to see him race in his second race this weekend. Andy amazes me at all the things he knows and how he gets into so many different hobbies, and excels at them all. Andee loves her babies and to snuggle. Also occasionally slap her mom in the face :{ She has so much personality and is very stubborn. She loves going to her Mimis house every morning, she throws her sippy and cant wait to get out of her carseat when we pull into the drive way. Andy and I were planning a January 3rd wedding but have decided to buy our first house before we spend big bucks on our perfect day. Hopefully by the end of this year we will be out of this rental and into our first house! As days go by I find myself hating pregnant woman. Every post I see on facebook with a pregnant belly I want to punch them in the face. After placing Mara I was always so willing to give anyone a baby! I felt very lucky that I could carry healthy babies. This is our second miscarriage and im not looking forward to a pregnancy after this. Our Miss Mara is as beautiful as ever! We had our first Facetime talk on birth mothers day (the day BEFORE mothers day) I am constantly feeling blessed to have Josh and Lizzy in my life. Not just as maras parents but to talk to in those moments when I feel so sad and miss that sweet girl. My heart is in a tough spot right now, after losing the baby. Every  moment reminds me of what I could be having, and what others have gone thru, and Id never want anyone to feel this much heart break. All in all this year has been rough for me. But the Pitstick family is happier then we have ever been and I couldnt ask for more, well I would like to have Kris every day instead of just every other week :(

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Audra Owens said...

Love the update. It's great to hear what you've been up to. I'm sorry about your miscarriage! That's difficult to go through especially when you see other people progressing in their pregnancies and think "that's how far along I should be" or "that's how old my baby would have been" etc. Been there, and I think that as women those experiences occur to many of us to build us in ways we need to be built. You will get another little soon, and you will think less often of the pregnancy you lost. Love ya Katt!