Tuesday, August 9, 2011

California Vacation

Eastonne, Andee Kae & Marley
Daddy & Andee Kae Not Enjoying The Beach
Beautiful Beach Babies
Looking Out As We Take Off Home Ward Bound
Weezer.. Awe Love
First Time At The Beach
Mission Bay
A few weeks ago Kami & Brian (Andys Parents) asked if we would come out and stay with the girls ( Eastonne & Marley, Andys Nieces) while they took a much needed vacay to Las Vegas! I cant imagine anyone turning that down. A few days later, tickets are booked & I start my California Count Down! This was much needed for Andy & I. We arrived in San Marcos on wednesday mid day. It was beautiful! Kami & Brian left shortly after we got in. We stayed in that night just relaxing from our late night before. Thursday Andy & I drove down to Carlsbad to take andee kae to the beach for her first time! She HATED IT! screaming bloody murder, feet in the air, hated it ! We will try again in a few days. Andy had some time with with his brother & sister that night while I stayed home with the girls. Friday night Andy & I went on a date night to Carlsbad. We found a nice little fish place right on the beach and ate dinner. After that we had a sweet walk on the beach. Oh how i love the ocean. Saturday Andy & I decided to take a wild adventure & take all 3 girls to mission Bay for some shopping! 3 girls under 3, i was a little scared! Turns out they were PERFECT! We ate lunch, walked around the boardwalk, did some shopping, & took some pictures in the picture booth! I just love eastonne & marley! Brian & Kami came home that night, they spent some time with Andee kae while andy & I went out to the horse races & weezer concert. My ALLL time favorite band. Dont tell Andy but Rivers has my heart. I wanted to sneak into his trailer and wait for him! I am so lucky that Andy found out they were going to be there & took me! It was a great night! Sunday Kami, Brian, Andy & I took the girls to the beach. Let me just say one more time that I love the ocean. Andee Kae still was not a fan of the water but she did manage to feel the sand & taste a handful! She is so funny. We bbq'd that night & watched UP with his parents, the girls, brother & sister. Monday i was sad that it was time to go home. We ran some errands with his mom, ate lunch together, & than went to a vineyard.. side note my new wedding destination is going to be a vineyard. GORGEOUS! I always have such a great time with Kami & Brian. Andy has such a great family that I cant wait to be a part of. It was an amazing little vacation but I am glad to be home and with my family close by again. I cant wait for Kami & Brian to move back to Arizona so we can spend more time with them and the girls .


Dawn said...

Fun times, I bet andee will grow to love the beach. She probably didn't like how the sand feels in her rolls!

Rachael Papes said...

Look at those chunky legs in those tights! Turn those chubby things loose!

Better make kami and Brian move here. I can't have you running off for vacation all the time!