Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanksgiving came and went.
We are still waiting.
Even though my due date isnt until Dec. 9
my doctor said weeks ago that she could come ANY DAY!
You do not tell this to me unless you mean it!
Because every single day I hope today is THE DAY!
and then it isnt....
So now we come up on 39 weeks,
on Monday we will set a date to induce.

Christmas is upon us!
Today we got our very first Pitstick Christmas tree!
It has ribbons & bows & colored balls!
Its gorgeous!
Cant wait for Christmas this year!


audra said...

Wow look at you with bangs! We miss your face; don't see it nearly enough. Good luck with sweet little Andee, I hope she comes sooner than later for you!

Rachael Who? said...

I like how you made that cute little heart with your hands... So sweet!