Thursday, May 21, 2009

Catching up!

Kristofer now thinks he is a mountain man.
I cant even believe it!
He cracks me up!
I love this kid.
He is adorable and always keeps me on my toes!
Best part is he is a mamas boy
so he loves me best!

Its Final!
Josh & Lizzy had their court date 5/19,
Now Mara is officially theirs!
The wks are flying by!
Its getting super close to my next visit!
cant wait!
Kristofer is SUPER excited,
to see his sister!

Lets see in other news.....
I finally went back to group!
Man I have missed it!
I didnt realize and didnt want to but it was great.
Just sitting with girls that you KNOW are going through
or are about to go through
the same struggles you are
is comforting.
No one really gets it but them.
Birthmothers day * the saturday before mothers day*
was great! I got flowers from the Iggys
and a text filled with love!
They are so good to me.
Always so thoughtful.
Mothers day came and went.
Josh didnt give me Kristofer til late.
Andy turned 23! Man he is getting old!
I bought him a RC Boat for his birthday.
He loves it more than me :(
Andy became an uncle again!
His brother's Lady had a pretty little girl Marley.
I finally took my very first visit to the hospital
it wasnt as bad as I was thinking it would be.
Kristofer only has 2 more soccer games.
Last week he totally kicked butt and won his game 8 to 2!
That kid is gonna go places!
Andy and I are doing great.
He is currently building a dirt jump in the back yard!
Ugh that stresses me out!
Im counting down the days and its only 15 til Vegas!

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