Monday, November 17, 2008

My Very Special Week

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The last week I have had the honor of placing my beautiful daughter Mara with her new parents. I placed her with them Monday afternoon, it was a very emotional time, not just sad but very happy. Wednesday morning I went in to sign my relinquishment papers, just like a bandaide I ripped it off and got right to the point so I could spend as much time with Mara as possible. Josh and Lizzy got released in RECORD time, a total of 25 hours! They didnt leave even though I was very afraid that they would, in my mind it set how they would be the rest of Maras life. We had a very special photo shoot on Saturday with a friend of Audras * my caseworker* with Kristofer. He really loved being able to hold his baby sister all by himself! Josh and Lizzy came to my parents Sunday before they left for home. Im sure they were super ready to get back! I was lucky enough to be blessed with such an amazing couple! Josh and Lizzy have become more than just the couple who adopted my daughter, they are family, and my best friends. We have a bond that I could never have with anyone else. I wouldnt of been able to make it through as well as I have without them being the amazing people they are. As they got ready to leave on Sunday, the only thing I wanted to tell them was * Thank you for loving my daughter, giving her the family that is whole, and making sure she has enough kisses and love for two mothers!*


tina/brooke said...

kat hey its brooke josh's sister i hope all is well with you guys. You are one strong woman and i just wanted to say "thankyou". i meet mara on monday what a beautiful princess she is. josh and lizzy are going to be wonderful parents because of your unselfishness,"thankyou". just remember the goal you are working towards i how u could do it. i myself just recieved my patrical blessing in feb and went through the temple in june. i have faith in you, you could do it just remember that christopher is looking up to you and you are the best, THE BEST." thankyou" if you want someone to write or talk to i will listen or write back.

Cami said...

Katt, I loved reading your story on your very special week. Adoption is one amazing thing, and I am proud of you for making the decision you have chosen to be right for Mara. Hope you know you are in my thoughts often.
<3 Cami

Kip & Missy Anderson said...

Hey Kathy, I don't know if you remember me, Missy Minor now Anderson. I saw you link off of Dawn's blog. I am completely amazed at what you have done for that couple. Such a selfless act, you are trully an amazing woman to do that. Not an easy feat for a birth mom to go through either. Loosing a child of my own, I wouldn't have the strength to hand over my baby to someone else. I admire you!! I have great respect for women who give their babies up for adoption and the families. I had an opportunity to be blessed myself from another woman's selfless act. We adopted a little girl from Hawaii last July. Well sorry for the novel. Check out my blog,